Connecting Australia

How the nbn™ broadband access network is changing Australia: An economic study of the way we work, live, and connect.

*An independent research performed by economics and data analytics advisory firm AlphaBeta.


It’s been ten years since NBN Co was first established and nine years since the first homes in Tasmania were connected to the nbn™ broadband access network. NBN Co’s mission then - as it still is today - was to encourage productivity and help drive economic and social benefits for Australians.

Connecting Australia Research: 2019

A study into the way digital technology is transforming education and preparing the next generation of business leaders for the future workforce

Bright futures

Laying the foundations for the workforce of tomorrow

Small business

Levelling the playing field for small businesses

Connecting Australia Research: 2018

An economic study of the ways the nbn™ broadband access network has affected Australian homes, businesses and organisations

Economy, jobs and global comparisons

A connected, productive society and a strong national economy

Business in Australia

Boosting Australian businesses, jobs and economic growth

Lifelong learning

Growing Australia's online and non-formal education

Living in a connected society

Socialising, entertainment and staying healthy online

Enterprising women

The way Australian women work, live and connect